Can You Have Too Much Diversity?

6 thoughts on “Can You Have Too Much Diversity?”

  1. No comments on real-life diversity, but I think diversity in creative work is a tad over-pushed these days. You can indeed do it that it becomes forced, and your audience really does see through it. For me, a story is a story, and you shouldn’t base it around diversity just for the sake of a quota.

    Anyway, thanks for this post and a thought-provoking subject!


  2. Diversity can cause stress, yes. But if it does, this is just a symptom of underlying problems which will also show without diversity. I hear the same argument whether it is about women or PoC or physically disabled persons. “too much to consider” or “cannot take account of everyone. Wrong, I say. If you cared enough, you would find good ways.


  3. I absolutely agree with all of your points. As you stated, in summary, if all things (roles, cultural, etc.) are clear, there is no such thing as too much diversity. Thanks for sharing.


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