Lord, the Vibrato!

I saw a WSJ interview where the interviewer commented that Usher’s voice seemed to have gotten bigger on his new album Looking for Myself. I finally listened to the whole thing, and I have to agree. E’rybody knows I love me some Usher. Not for the looks – though I admit it doesn’t hurt that my man … Continue reading Lord, the Vibrato!

The Big Tease


So, I have to view all things Usher, and I finally got around to Scream. Not my favorite on the radio. Too 80s international dance for my taste. And I can’t say the videos was much better. Like his last video, Lemme See, there was too much off camera work, not enough Usher. He’s trying something new – shibari anyone? – but I get the impression the technique has not been perfected. Not to say I didn’t watch. I did. Scream was like an ode to Michael Jackson, Billie Jean, Thriller, Leave Me Alone if I’m not mistaken. but not enough Ursh. One can take the mystery thing too far I think.

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