A woman’s perceived value goes down $15Gs when she’s assertive at work. Ouch.

Seriously, ouch! According to new info from VitalSmarts, perception can be murder on a working woman’s wallet. Check out this infographic for a few tips to help circumvent the bias. Continue reading A woman’s perceived value goes down $15Gs when she’s assertive at work. Ouch.

Looks Can Be Deceiving #Ilooklikeanengineer #gender #technology

What did we do before hashtags? I suppose we were forced to emphasize what’s important with plebian tools like exclamation points. But these days, those just seem so old fashioned. Kind of like assuming you know who someone is and what they should do based on their appearance. Honestly, what tactic could be more dated … Continue reading Looks Can Be Deceiving #Ilooklikeanengineer #gender #technology

Does Diversity Mean Improved Race Relations? #diversity #race #inclusion #racism

The short answer is, no. Racism is not a location. It’s not about ease of proximity. It’s a system, and system’s are not as easy to change is it is to get along with a new, different kind of neighbor. Diversity is great, but unfortunately, it’s not a straight line to a bias-free, racism-free workplace … Continue reading Does Diversity Mean Improved Race Relations? #diversity #race #inclusion #racism

Strippers Are Employees Too #diversity #talentmanagement #gender #discrimination

I follow a stripper on Instagram, @Cardi_BB. She’s crass, rude, swears like a sailor, is as far from politically correct as is possible for anyone to be and she’s absolutely hilarious. She makes me laugh, makes me think and occasionally, she makes me sad.strippers

She’s not a victim, whining about her self-imposed plight, but occasionally, she’ll drop a nugget in one of her many videos that makes me think about stereotypes, authenticity, and the unfair way many of us assume that all of one thing is all one way.

For example, all strippers are out to steal your man. I actually don’t know if they are or not — I seriously doubt it — but I know they work for their money just like every other person in a workplace, and they pay taxes — whether they do that correctly is none of my business — as such, they should be entitled to the same minimum expectations of any other workplace: safety, for instance. Continue reading “Strippers Are Employees Too #diversity #talentmanagement #gender #discrimination”