You Sound White…Really? ‘Cuz Webster is for everyone #diversity #communication

I’m no expert on web series, but The Unwritten Rules is exceedingly well done, fearless and spot on. I recommend it for anyone who wants to teach diversity and inclusion through a visual medium. If I had a c-note for every time someone said “you sound white” to me, or “you’re so articulate,” I could probably retire. It’s one of those shitty, shifty microinequities that gets under your skin and makes you wanna muff someone in the face.

As I child that refrain was so common I often wondered, do white people have a monopoly on Webster’s dictionary? Is using grammatically correct English and extending my extensive vocabulary really the mark of whiteness, or does it simply mean that I’m a fabulous communicator? You decide, but the whole conversation is bo-ring. Continue reading “You Sound White…Really? ‘Cuz Webster is for everyone #diversity #communication”