Looks Can Be Deceiving #Ilooklikeanengineer #gender #technology

What did we do before hashtags? I suppose we were forced to emphasize what’s important with plebian tools like exclamation points. But these days, those just seem so old fashioned. Kind of like assuming you know who someone is and what they should do based on their appearance. Honestly, what tactic could be more dated … Continue reading Looks Can Be Deceiving #Ilooklikeanengineer #gender #technology

Netflix Loves the Kids #gender #equality #inclusion

Yesterday Netflix announced its employees will now receive unlimited maternity or paternity leave during the first year after their child’s birth or adoption. The company will pay them normally during their time off, and they can choose to come back to work full- or part-time. And if they feel they’ve come back too early, employees can take … Continue reading Netflix Loves the Kids #gender #equality #inclusion

Pinterest Pins Real Numbers on #Diversity #Hiring.

Lackluster diversity discussions in the tech industry are par for the course, unfortunately. Many of the big companies talk a reasonably good game — rather, they talk — but few have put real teeth behind their stated intentions. Pinterest, however, announced late last week exactly what it hopes to achieve in diversity for 2016. Women … Continue reading Pinterest Pins Real Numbers on #Diversity #Hiring.