The Association between Diversity and Controversy Is Played Out

Sometimes I find the idea of diversity as a controversial topic utterly ridiculous. The so-called controversy is mostly about people’s inability or unwillingness to deal with discomfort. Without quoting a bunch of hard stats related to the composition of the population, the immense purchasing power of minority groups, the mélange of demographics and their impact … Continue reading The Association between Diversity and Controversy Is Played Out

Uber: Beware Diversity Debt

The need for speed in business does not excuse an organization from taking the time to create and execute a thoughtful, sincere and diversity-friendly talent strategy – not when your customers and employee base are potentially diverse. Ask Uber. The company is finding that out firsthand given the rash of problems the once exalted startup … Continue reading Uber: Beware Diversity Debt

Strippers Are Employees Too #diversity #talentmanagement #gender #discrimination

I follow a stripper on Instagram, @Cardi_BB. She’s crass, rude, swears like a sailor, is as far from politically correct as is possible for anyone to be and she’s absolutely hilarious. She makes me laugh, makes me think and occasionally, she makes me sad.strippers

She’s not a victim, whining about her self-imposed plight, but occasionally, she’ll drop a nugget in one of her many videos that makes me think about stereotypes, authenticity, and the unfair way many of us assume that all of one thing is all one way.

For example, all strippers are out to steal your man. I actually don’t know if they are or not — I seriously doubt it — but I know they work for their money just like every other person in a workplace, and they pay taxes — whether they do that correctly is none of my business — as such, they should be entitled to the same minimum expectations of any other workplace: safety, for instance. Continue reading “Strippers Are Employees Too #diversity #talentmanagement #gender #discrimination”