@GiulianaRancic made the best racially motivated apology to @Zendaya I’ve seen in awhile. #race #stereotypes

So, yeah, it’s not the best idea to suggest that a young woman on the red carpet who has dreds smells like weed. Actually, it’s pretty ignorant. But I must say Giuliana Rancic’s apology to Zendaya seemed sincere – which is not always the case when a celeb crosses the race line. She talked about learning … Continue reading @GiulianaRancic made the best racially motivated apology to @Zendaya I’ve seen in awhile. #race #stereotypes

Obama a Global George Zimmerman? Really?

When the Trayvon verdict came down a week ago, my first thought was, I need to write about this. It’s news. I should be tendering an opinion. I am a member of the media, after all. But somehow I couldn’t. I couldn’t summon one ounce of passion over the verdict. My poor mother, on the other hand, was so angry she cleaned the stove – a hated chore she accomplished so masterfully that the sucker looked brand new when I came to visit days later.Trayvon

I was blasé about the entire trial. I half listened to testimony, not even bothering to cringe or roll my eyes when they put that ridiculous, practically illiterate girl on the stand. Yeah, that helped. And when old George was set free, I felt nothing. I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t compelled to march or cry or complain or even tweet.

The fact is, this type of thing – young black man gunned down and white killer set free – happens all the time. It’s just that poor Trayvon won the martyr hat for the year. Don’t get me wrong. It is a tragic loss of life. We’ll never know what that young man might have accomplished. He could have been our second black president. It’s undeniably sad that because of someone else’s immaturity and fear, he won’t have an opportunity to change the world or even to contribute in some way.

It’s tragic that Trayvon will only be remembered in this horrid context, his handsome brown face emblazoned on hoodies, associated with death and anger, injustice and wasted potential. Continue reading “Obama a Global George Zimmerman? Really?”