Why Corporate America Could Use a White Savior

So, about a month ago I blogged about the movie Hidden Figures. I’m still gratified at the amount of support the piece received, so I feel justified in revisiting this particular well for a different reason – whitewashing. Hollywood, rather the film industry in general, has always been a bit more advanced than corporate America … Continue reading Why Corporate America Could Use a White Savior

Looks Can Be Deceiving #Ilooklikeanengineer #gender #technology

What did we do before hashtags? I suppose we were forced to emphasize what’s important with plebian tools like exclamation points. But these days, those just seem so old fashioned. Kind of like assuming you know who someone is and what they should do based on their appearance. Honestly, what tactic could be more dated … Continue reading Looks Can Be Deceiving #Ilooklikeanengineer #gender #technology

Pinterest Pins Real Numbers on #Diversity #Hiring.

Lackluster diversity discussions in the tech industry are par for the course, unfortunately. Many of the big companies talk a reasonably good game — rather, they talk — but few have put real teeth behind their stated intentions. Pinterest, however, announced late last week exactly what it hopes to achieve in diversity for 2016. Women … Continue reading Pinterest Pins Real Numbers on #Diversity #Hiring.

Diversity at Google Off to a Good Start #diversity #technology

It’s been more than a year since Google published its diversity statistics, starting a trend amid the big Silicon Valley tech companies and confirming what women and minorities already knew: The industry is mostly populated by white and Asian men. Google

But, unlike some of the big name tech leaders, Google is doing something about it. According to Business Insider, today the company’s VP of people operations Nancy Lee published a blog post outlining the concrete ways the company has changed its numbers in the past year, and its plans for 2015.

Lee told USA Today Google spent $115 million on diversity initiatives in 2014, and plans to spend $150 million this year. According to Lee’s blog post, those efforts and resources will focus on four key areas: Continue reading “Diversity at Google Off to a Good Start #diversity #technology”