One Million Judgmental Moms

A Maryland family was surprised to find itself in the news last week after their children were featured in the November/December issue of “American Girl” magazine. What’s the big issue? The family has two dads. The magazine features 11-year-old Amaya Scheer and her three siblings. Scheer discusses her family’s charity, Comfort Cases, which provides foster … Continue reading One Million Judgmental Moms

Must we state the obvious? Jay Z’s more than a black businessman #diversity #inclusion #race

So Jay Z launched this week, his new music streaming service. I poked around a little. It looks like a haven for music lovers. For a fee you can gorge yourself on whatever genre of music you want, and apparently you’ll be able to access exclusive content from artists as well. JayZ

My beef came yesterday morning as I drove to the train. I habitually flip through my favorite stations on the off chance they’ll actually play a song rather than talk, and Jay Z was the topic of discussion. Some rapper/artist-type person — I don’t know who because his comment got on my nerves and I immediately turned on a CD — offered this opinion: I think it’s a great (or something along those lines) thing because as a businessman, as a black business man; that’s when I turned him off. Continue reading “Must we state the obvious? Jay Z’s more than a black businessman #diversity #inclusion #race”

My Three Cures For Diversity Fatigue @shondarhimes #diversity #inclusion #gender #bias

I spent most of last week at the 27th annual Forum on Workplace Inclusion in Minneapolis. “Making Waves” was the theme, and it was perfect. Tired lady

Over the past 40 years, making waves is something diversity hasn’t done much of. A few ripples here and there maybe, but for the most part, diversity and inclusion have been doing what Forum keynote speaker and NPR journalist Maria Hinojosa very eloquently described as the American cha-cha — a few steps forward, a few steps back.

I rolled my eyes when she said it, nodding my head along with most of the room. But now I think I may have been prematurely rude about the slow and not at all steady nature of progress in diversity. Perhaps it was my fatigue talking. The constant need to sigh deeply in mild but contemptuous disgust — when I’m not rolling my eyes at the repetitive nature of diversity discussions — to cry out in anger and frustration or to just stare like a deer in the face of oncoming headlights. Continue reading “My Three Cures For Diversity Fatigue @shondarhimes #diversity #inclusion #gender #bias”

@shondarhimes says she didn’t break the glass ceiling. Her sisters before her had already laid the path. #gender #power #diversity

Boundary breaking TV producer Shonda Rhimes was honored with the Sherry Lansing award yesterday, and her speech, well. Don’t feel bad if you get choked up. She is a fabulous  writer. “…If I had broken through the glass ceiling that would mean I’d made it through to the other side where the air is rare. I’d feel … Continue reading @shondarhimes says she didn’t break the glass ceiling. Her sisters before her had already laid the path. #gender #power #diversity

Feminism on TV? ‘Scandal’-ous #diversity #inclusion #gender #Scandal

If you needed a(nother) reason to watch Scandal, HuffPo’s got it: The popular TV show gives viewers lessons on feminism to millions of viewers each week.Scandal

According to an article by Jessica Samakow posted this week, our favorite fixer Olivia Pope and our favorite fictional first lady Mellie Grant are chock full of nuggets that advance the fight for gender equality.

I noticed some time ago that executive producer Shonda Rhimes was a pro at using her dramatic TV prowess to advance diverse and inclusive ideas. But I’m glad someone other than me came straight out and gave her some virtual dap for her efforts. Continue reading “Feminism on TV? ‘Scandal’-ous #diversity #inclusion #gender #Scandal”

The High That Comes From Being Low…#Lupita #diversity #films #beauty

Congrats to Lupita Nyong’o for becoming Lancôme’s first Black spokesperson. The world should celebrate black beauty. It is as common as any other kind, after all. And congrats to Lupita for riding a very elegant magic carpet of success all the way to the top.

LupitaI’m not sure there was an award she qualified for that she didn’t win this past award season. And damn did she look good every single time anyone saw her! Lord have mercy she was fabulous! Not because she was runway ready but because she owned every scrap of fabric that graced her body. She was proud. She was different, and she quite obviously could care less. Every graceful line of her body seemed to wink and say, yeah, I know. She looked in the face of traditional definitions of beauty and had a big ole belly laughter, and seemingly everyone – certainly every big name in Hollywood who rushed to shake her hand and offer congratulations – laughed right along with her.

But did it occur to anyone else that she, and Halle Berry before her, were essentially rewarded for playing the lowest, most degraded and humiliated characters it’s possible for a Black woman to play? Continue reading “The High That Comes From Being Low…#Lupita #diversity #films #beauty”