Equal Pay Day and Voting with Your Feet

So, April 4th was Equal Pay Day. It’s not a bank holiday, so no one got to stay home from work, but it is an important date for women. LeanIn.org, the nonprofit Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg created to make the workplace better for women, launched its latest campaign/hashtag on the 4th. Joining #BanBossy and #LeanInTogether, #20PercentCounts … Continue reading Equal Pay Day and Voting with Your Feet

Women Need Men to #LeanInTogether #diversity #gender #bias #inclusion

Sheryl SandbergFor every horrible, aggravating, frustrating, ridiculous and unnecessary thing that happens to me just because I’m a woman, or just because I’m black, there are rays of hope.

Without these rays of hope, I can’t really contemplate my existence. It would be barren. Hopeless. I don’t know if I would exist in the shape and form that I currently do. I might be crazy, and justifiably so.

Last week I ran across an article filled with quotes from men who support women. It was just the ray of light I needed to shake off the latest evidence of sexism in the workplace that crossed my desk. The piece went directly to the source, men who recognize, acknowledge and have pledged their time to “lean in,” in a way Sheryl Sandberg may not have fully envisioned but I believe would whole heartedly approve of. Continue reading “Women Need Men to #LeanInTogether #diversity #gender #bias #inclusion”