Being Inclusive Starts Early — Like, Grade-School Early

Intersectionality is an interesting thing. It’s defined roughly as an idea used to describe ways in which oppressive institutions like racism, sexism, homophobia and classism are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from one another. It’s interesting, and it’s complicated. I’d venture to say the complexity of the subject matter is one key reason so … Continue reading Being Inclusive Starts Early — Like, Grade-School Early

Ellen Pao and the Glass Cliff #Reddit #gender #bias #discrimination

Ellen Pao, interim-CEO at Reddit, was fired last week.  I wish I could say it was a surprise, but the woman’s been underwater from the jump, beginning as technology journalist Sarah Lacy told CNN, with being named “interim-CEO.” It’s like informally calling someone a placeholder. Good luck establishing your authority from that point – when … Continue reading Ellen Pao and the Glass Cliff #Reddit #gender #bias #discrimination

Misogyny: The Big, Pink Elephant #ElliotRodger #gender

Growing up I always knew that being black might cause problems for me. But it was only after I was an adult that I realized how many problems being a woman would cause.Pink Elephant

Luckily, I’ve never been physically abused, nor have I been targeted by a mass-murdering virgin with an ax to grind, but hatred for women — in its various iterations and degrees — is pervasive around the world.

So when a man — whether he’s deranged or not — feels that it’s perfectly in order for him to kill women, who he views as inferior beings who rejected him but to whom he is nonetheless entitled — it’s baffling to me how anyone could argue that misogyny and its effect on our culture is not an issue. Continue reading “Misogyny: The Big, Pink Elephant #ElliotRodger #gender”