Uber Wants 1 Million Female Drivers by 2020 #gender #diversity #inclusion @Uber

uberIn a recent blog post, car service app Uber pledged to sign up 1 million female drivers globally by 2020.

Currently, some 14 percent of its 160,000 drivers in the U.S. are female. The company didn’t offer comparable global figures, but apparently it adds  thousands of new drivers each month.

In an interview, Uber General Counsel Salle Yoo said women might find working for the company worthwhile because “Uber does not require (minimum) hours, and it does not require a schedule. It offers the chance to be entrepreneurial, the chance to balance work and family.” Continue reading “Uber Wants 1 Million Female Drivers by 2020 #gender #diversity #inclusion @Uber”

Strippers Are Employees Too #diversity #talentmanagement #gender #discrimination

I follow a stripper on Instagram, @Cardi_BB. She’s crass, rude, swears like a sailor, is as far from politically correct as is possible for anyone to be and she’s absolutely hilarious. She makes me laugh, makes me think and occasionally, she makes me sad.strippers

She’s not a victim, whining about her self-imposed plight, but occasionally, she’ll drop a nugget in one of her many videos that makes me think about stereotypes, authenticity, and the unfair way many of us assume that all of one thing is all one way.

For example, all strippers are out to steal your man. I actually don’t know if they are or not — I seriously doubt it — but I know they work for their money just like every other person in a workplace, and they pay taxes — whether they do that correctly is none of my business — as such, they should be entitled to the same minimum expectations of any other workplace: safety, for instance. Continue reading “Strippers Are Employees Too #diversity #talentmanagement #gender #discrimination”

Just Marry! Who? Anybody! #gender #marriage

marriageLadies, did you know if you marry your baby’s daddy you can save yourself from male violence? Me neither.

But earlier this week Bradford Wilcox and Robin Fretwell Wilson published a piece in the Washington Post titled One Way to End Violence? Stop Taking Lovers and Get Married.”

*crickets chirping*

Yeah, that’s what I thought when I first read it too. It’s crazy. It’s short-sighted. It’s almost criminal in a way because if even one person absorbs this idea, it could be dangerous. Even scarier, most of the argument is paper thin. Continue reading “Just Marry! Who? Anybody! #gender #marriage”