Pinterest Pins Real Numbers on #Diversity #Hiring.

Lackluster diversity discussions in the tech industry are par for the course, unfortunately. Many of the big companies talk a reasonably good game — rather, they talk — but few have put real teeth behind their stated intentions. Pinterest, however, announced late last week exactly what it hopes to achieve in diversity for 2016. Women … Continue reading Pinterest Pins Real Numbers on #Diversity #Hiring.

Diversity at Google Off to a Good Start #diversity #technology

It’s been more than a year since Google published its diversity statistics, starting a trend amid the big Silicon Valley tech companies and confirming what women and minorities already knew: The industry is mostly populated by white and Asian men. Google

But, unlike some of the big name tech leaders, Google is doing something about it. According to Business Insider, today the company’s VP of people operations Nancy Lee published a blog post outlining the concrete ways the company has changed its numbers in the past year, and its plans for 2015.

Lee told USA Today Google spent $115 million on diversity initiatives in 2014, and plans to spend $150 million this year. According to Lee’s blog post, those efforts and resources will focus on four key areas: Continue reading “Diversity at Google Off to a Good Start #diversity #technology”

Hey Apple, Nice Gesture #diversity #inclusion #technology

Earlier this week Apple announced $10K in scholarships for minorities in the tech industry. Great! After that big reveal of diversity data from most of the tech big wigs in Silicon Valley a few weeks back, here’s a leader in the industry making a definitive move to put its money where its mouth is.Apple money

Well, maybe. When you read the headline, it’s like, cool beans. Apple has acknowledged there’s a lack of diversity in tech and has come up with a solution help feed the pipeline to change that. But when you think about it, meh. Continue reading “Hey Apple, Nice Gesture #diversity #inclusion #technology”

Succession Planning and Learning in the State of Tennessee #government #learning

Everything you ever wanted to know about succession planning and learning strategy for the State of Tennessee. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but Chief Learning Officer Trish Holliday took time to talk in detail with me about the impact her work has had on the state and on the workforce. Continue reading Succession Planning and Learning in the State of Tennessee #government #learning