Being Inclusive Starts Early — Like, Grade-School Early

Intersectionality is an interesting thing. It’s defined roughly as an idea used to describe ways in which oppressive institutions like racism, sexism, homophobia and classism are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from one another. It’s interesting, and it’s complicated. I’d venture to say the complexity of the subject matter is one key reason so … Continue reading Being Inclusive Starts Early — Like, Grade-School Early

The Skin We’re In

So I learned something interesting this week. Actually, interesting probably isn’t the right adjective. It was more disturbing. A colleague and I were talking, and he revealed that for the first six months he worked at our company — we’ve been working together for many years now — he was scared of me. *crickets* I … Continue reading The Skin We’re In

Flying While Black

Conference season has begun with a bang. I’ve attended two in the past 10 days: the Forum on Workplace Inclusion for diversity and inclusion professionals and the Spring 2016 CLO Symposium for learning and development leaders — both of which I’ve attended many times before. Conferences, these two in particular, are a safe space for … Continue reading Flying While Black