What’s the Difference Between White Liberal Rhetoric and True Advocacy?

One of my oldest friends has a service job, work truck, hard hat, uniform, the whole bit. He often has to visit people at their home to do prep work before they start major projects that require digging and potentially hitting power, gas, and cable lines. He’s told me stories about white women watching him … Continue reading What’s the Difference Between White Liberal Rhetoric and True Advocacy?

Jay-Z, I Can’t Help But Feel a Little Dodgy about this New NFL Deal

So, Jay-Z made a multi-year deal with the NFL that has people doing some serious talking this week. His entertainment company Roc Nation will help the NFL choose performers at league events, and help the organization’s social justice efforts. I’m not one to follow the crowd by any means, but on this one I’m leaning … Continue reading Jay-Z, I Can’t Help But Feel a Little Dodgy about this New NFL Deal

Sometimes You Just Want to Call In Black #diversity #race #SandraBland

In the past few days I’ve heard the phrase “calling in black” several times. I even saw a video about it that seemed to sum up my feelings perfectly. It was irreverent, tongue in cheek and slightly indifferent — a perfect execution, really. In it, YouTube vlogger Evelyn from the Internets woke up tired, remarked … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Want to Call In Black #diversity #race #SandraBland

I am seriously in love with @amandalastenberg… #race #blackculture

Words I never thought I’d utter, ever LOL. But Amandala Stenberg is kind of fabulous. I knew it when I saw her bad ass little self in the movie Columbiana, but now I see she’s just as impressive in real life. Amandla commented on Kylie Jenner’s recent photo of herself with cornrows, and my first … Continue reading I am seriously in love with @amandalastenberg… #race #blackculture

Be The Change You Want To See #race #diversity #EricGarner

Eric Garner ProtestThose of you who follow my blog may have wondered at my rather conspicuous silence on the Mike Brown and Eric Garner verdicts. But in all honesty, I was struggling.

I felt quite hopeless, wondering what on earth it would take to stop the consistent, outright torture and killing of my black male brethren. What could I do to help, to make sustainable lasting change? I sat quietly at home for many hours wondering what contribution I might make, and I sank pretty low for a while.

But then, as the protests around the world grew in size and scope and creativity, I began to feel better. I realized I am doing something to help, whether it’s engaging you via this blog or simply living by example, being the change I want to see, as entrepreneur Kenny Burns said in a recent Instagram video. Continue reading “Be The Change You Want To See #race #diversity #EricGarner”

Mike Brown: Today’s Hiroshima #diversity #racism #power

I had no plans to blog about Mike Brown. I thought, this happens so often, as tragic and horrible as it is, what more can I say that I haven’t already? Two things changed my mind.

One, I saw an absolutely stunning photo of a silent protest at Howard University where hundreds of solemn black faces stood with their hands up. No words were needed. It was peaceful, it was powerful, and it was in direct opposition to the fear and violence that swept Ferguson, Missouri this week.Howard

Then I read a beautifully written piece in Salon by Brittney Cooper: “In defense of black rage: Michael Brown, police and the American dream,” discussing the mentality behind racism, and I had to chime in.

Cooper says: “We live in a country that is so deeply emotionally dishonest about both race and racism. When will we be honest enough to acknowledge that the police have more power than the ordinary citizen? They are supposed to. And with more power comes more responsibility.”

That’s the bottom line.

Continue reading “Mike Brown: Today’s Hiroshima #diversity #racism #power”