#Takeaknee? You Sons of Bitches Should Be Fired

Well, all I can say is, thank goodness the NFL isn’t an episode of The Apprentice. Otherwise football season would be a bust this year. Every black and white player and staff member participating in the #takeaknee protest would be out of a job, fired by Presidential decree, er, tweet. And, yes. I realize how … Continue reading #Takeaknee? You Sons of Bitches Should Be Fired

Why So Shocked About Sterling’s Comments? #diversity #NBA #LAClippers #racism

SterlingI would like to state for the record that I think most of the people who are vocally professing their “disgust” for Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling are being overly dramatic.

Unless I’m to believe that his comments are sincerely shocking to most rather than just irritating and sad? Unless it is truly outside the realm of comprehension for a wealthy and privileged man with power to secretly harbor feelings that proved hurtful to others? I’m sorry, but I can’t even get behind that idea.

I mean, too many people are appalled, shocked, distancing themselves from his racist stink as fast as a corporate sponsor can pull its funding. But are they really that surprised? How could they be? I wasn’t. Continue reading “Why So Shocked About Sterling’s Comments? #diversity #NBA #LAClippers #racism”