21 Savage: Rich, Black, and Foreign

So, rapper 21 Savage is actually a British national. Who knew? I’m betting its news to a lot of people now that he’s in an ICE detention center. He was arrested on Sunday. I don’t know much about immigration except that it’s complicated, and it seems extremely unfair – on both sides of the issue. … Continue reading 21 Savage: Rich, Black, and Foreign

The Return – Nas


Life’s Good for Nas. He’s back with the new album, got the confessional hit-in-making going with Bye Baby about ex Kelis. Notable, in the end he says he would do it again, only next time it will be better because he will choose better. Also, notable, it’s not bash the ex into the ground music. There’s some sadness to it, reminiscing on the good times that just…ended. Nice.

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