Nail Salons: Modern-Day Sweat Shops #diversity #gender

I don’t like salons, for hair or nails. For all the times you come out looking fabulous, it’s like a house of horrors while you’re in there. The waiting, the endless stupid conversations you can’t help but hear, forced to sit in uncomfortable chairs listening to rude customers treat workers like crap, or vice versa — gross. My nails are most often cut down, neatly filed — by me — and polish free.

Nail PolishBut I just read an article in the New York Times that gave me a whole new reason to hate nail shops. According to the piece, U.S. census data puts the number of nail salons at more than 17,000, and those numbers are growing exponentially now that manicures and other grooming services have become more affordable and accessible to a larger clientele.

But no seems to be talking about how terribly the industry’s workers are exploited.  Continue reading “Nail Salons: Modern-Day Sweat Shops #diversity #gender”