Censorship vs. Foreign Meddling: Who Should Win in the Battle for Social Media?

Ordinarily I disdain politics. Watching that pitiful reality show unfolding each day in the White House is like perpetual constipation, all useless poots and annoying belly pains. But what kind of journalist would I be if I ignored this week’s juicy happenings around Michael Cohen, long time Trump lawyer, who pled guilty to eight criminal … Continue reading Censorship vs. Foreign Meddling: Who Should Win in the Battle for Social Media?

Wait For Money, Respect? No #diversity #inclusion #gender #Microsoft

SatyaSo Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is on the carpet this week for being so old-fashioned and out of touch the public literally could not stand it.

Someone at a conference this week asked Nadella for his thoughts on what women should do if they are not comfortable asking for a pay bump. In front a of live audience, he replied: “It’s not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along.”

*crickets chirping*

So, according to Nadella, women are supposed to have faith the system they work in will reward them? Is this is the same system – you know, the tech industry in Silicon Valley, home of the programmer bromance stereotype – that we’ve all acknowledged is flawed, broken and functioning imperfectly? The same system that made such a huge spectacle of releasing organizational diversity analytics company by company that clearly detail just how unfriendly it is to women and minorities? The same system that once the spectacle faded from those oh so interesting diversity numbers trotted out a few piecemeal, stop gappish – at best – solutions to say sorry, we’ll do better? Continue reading “Wait For Money, Respect? No #diversity #inclusion #gender #Microsoft”