Where Are The Black Female Leaders In Your Company?

When I was younger I remember trying to separate female traits from black female traits. My purpose was not that to say there is no overlap. Of course there is. But I was fighting for my specific identity. I was fighting for Kellye Whitney’s right to exist, to work, to smile, laugh and be ambitious … Continue reading Where Are The Black Female Leaders In Your Company?

Deloitte Says to Promote Inclusion It will Dismantle Its ERGs

Deloitte employees who are currently participating in any of its workplace affinity groups will need to make other plans. The company plans to phase out the groups – also known as employee resource groups – many in the next 18 months. Instead, employees will be able to join inclusion councils. In these “white men hold … Continue reading Deloitte Says to Promote Inclusion It will Dismantle Its ERGs

The Skin We’re In

So I learned something interesting this week. Actually, interesting probably isn’t the right adjective. It was more disturbing. A colleague and I were talking, and he revealed that for the first six months he worked at our company — we’ve been working together for many years now — he was scared of me. *crickets* I … Continue reading The Skin We’re In

Do What You Can #diversity #inclusion #opportunity

helping handsSo much of diversity seems to be attached to a problem. Someone did something wrong, someone mistreated someone else, this data on the state of whatever is gloom, doom and oh, my gosh, when will the pain end? But that’s only a small part of the real story. The underlying truth of diversity and inclusion is actually quite hopeful and positive.

I like to think of diversity as this vast and varied canvas of untapped possibilities, and less about taking every chance there is — and unfortunately there are many — to point out what people are doing that you don’t agree with. Pointing a rude, crooked finger at what’s wrong in a situation hasn’t worked that well to effect change thus far anyway.

Under a more positive and hopeful umbrella, strategic diversity management becomes a toolbox stuffed full of different ways to promote equality, build awareness, share the wealth — whether that be via knowledge or support — and find creative new ways to tackle existing problems. Continue reading “Do What You Can #diversity #inclusion #opportunity”