You Don’t Fit Our Profile #McDonalds #diversity #bias

McDonalds McDonald’s is on legal fire after 10 former employees of a Boston-area franchise filed a complaint last week — they were fired for not fitting the color scheme the owner desired. Apparently “there are too many black people in the store.”

Supervisors allegedly used terms like bitch, ratchet and ghetto to describe African American workers and dirty Mexican for one Hispanic worker. The plaintiffs also said they were punished for rule infractions while white employees were not. If that’s not enough, managers “inappropriately touched female employees on their legs and buttocks; sent female employees sexual pictures; and solicited sexual relations from female employees.”

I think that pretty much hits every crappy race or gender related insult/issue you can lob into the void.

Worse, plaintiffs said when they contacted McDonald’s corporate office to complain about the discrimination and being fired, nothing was done. In a statement, one plaintiff said, “We asked McDonald’s corporate to help us get our jobs back, but the company told us to take our concerns to the franchisee — the same franchisee that just fired us. McDonald’s closely monitors everything we do, from the speed of the drive-through line, to the way we smile and fold customers’ bags — but when we try to tell the company that we’re facing discrimination, they ignore us and sat that it’s not their problem.” Continue reading “You Don’t Fit Our Profile #McDonalds #diversity #bias”