You Gotta Make ‘Em Laugh #diversity #inclusion #humor

Make Em LaughHumor may be one of the most perfect ways to teach people about diversity. For instance, take this video I ran across this week featuring a coterie of black kids from Ferguson, Missouri, discussing how fed up they are with racism. They’re cute, they’re sassy, some are just a few syllables away from baby talk, but with style and childish flair they make their case. Even better, the message sticks with you.

Bringing humor in as a tool with which to relay diversity ideas works because it soothes the sting of latent guilt and discomfort, and it can ease the strain and defensiveness traditionally associated with this kind of subject matter. Video is also the perfect complement. It may be one of my new favorite learning delivery systems. Continue reading “You Gotta Make ‘Em Laugh #diversity #inclusion #humor”

Succession Planning and Learning in the State of Tennessee #government #learning

Everything you ever wanted to know about succession planning and learning strategy for the State of Tennessee. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but Chief Learning Officer Trish Holliday took time to talk in detail with me about the impact her work has had on the state and on the workforce. Continue reading Succession Planning and Learning in the State of Tennessee #government #learning

I Look So Official, Right? #CLOsym #learning #technology

Here I am yesterday, last day of the spring Chief Learning Officer Symposium. I’m moderating a panel titled “Hits and Misses: Ten Years of Learning and Technology.” Very lively discussion. Our panelists engaged in some good-natured disagreement that really resonated with the audience. I also had a coughing fit for no apparent reason. But hey! … Continue reading I Look So Official, Right? #CLOsym #learning #technology