The learning was fierce, the weather was fabulous, but all good things must come to an end – day 3 recap #CLOsym #learning

The last day of the Spring 2015 CLO Symposium was sunny and hot. Sadly, I couldn’t bring much sun back to the Windy City, but the lessons learned around the value of time and the need to maximize it via work life balance and short bursts of learning will stick with me and hopefully all … Continue reading The learning was fierce, the weather was fabulous, but all good things must come to an end – day 3 recap #CLOsym #learning

LinkedIn to acquire for $1.5 billion in notable effort to link education & global opportunity #learning #development

LyndaToday, LinkedIn Corp. announced it has agreed to buy, an online learning company based in Carpinteria, California, in a deal valued at $1.5 billion. The deal is expected to close second quarter this year, and LinkedIn will pay some 52 percent in cash and 48 percent stock for the company.

It’s an appropriate match; specializes in courses and video tutorials on technology and business skills. In a brief from MarketWatch, LinkedIn’s Chief Executive Jeff Weiner said the company’s extensive library of premium video content will help empower people to develop the skills they need to accelerate their careers. “When integrated with the hundreds of millions of members and millions of jobs on LinkedIn, can change the way in which people connect to opportunity.” Continue reading “LinkedIn to acquire for $1.5 billion in notable effort to link education & global opportunity #learning #development”

$1.55M MOOC Project to Expand Global Education #learning #development #MOOCs

Online EducationThe U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and, an online course review company, are launching a two-year, $1.55 million project to expand quality education and career training globally. The companies have committed cash resources of $1.05 million, plus an additional $500,000 of in-kind services and support.

The two-year initiative, Advancing MOOCs for Development, will be driven by research on online course enrollment in the Philippines, Colombia and South Africa. The Technology & Social Change Group, or TASCHA, at the University of Washington’s Information School will conduct the research with support from IREX, a nonprofit development organization.

“In many developing countries, traditional education systems are failing students,” said Rachel Blum, USAID’s senior advisor for youth workforce development in a release. “Economic constraints, political upheaval, war and natural disaster are all leading causes. But MOOCs have the potential to change this. By answering key questions — who takes MOOCs, why they take them and what inhibits those who don’t — this project will help us better understand MOOCs and their role in offering affordable, quality education to young people worldwide.” Continue reading “$1.55M MOOC Project to Expand Global Education #learning #development #MOOCs”

Wal-Mart Puts Up Cash to Close Skills Gap #learning #development #skillsgap #Walmart

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. announced late last week it will donate $16 million in grants to seven nonprofit groups in an effort to close the skills gap for more than 12,000 American, entry-level workers in retail and related industries such as transportation and

The grants are one piece of a five-year $100 million commitment to facilitate the education-to-employment system in this country, which Walmart Foundation President Kathleen McLaughlin said is broken, in a Fortune article.

The seven non-profits — Achieving the Dream, The ACT Foundation, Dress for Success, Goodwill Industries, Jobs for the Future, McKinsey Social Initiative and the National Able Network — will partner with government agencies and employers to develop programs and tools to help entry-level employees build skills and find employment. Continue reading “Wal-Mart Puts Up Cash to Close Skills Gap #learning #development #skillsgap #Walmart”

3 Leadership Challenges to Watch for in 2015 #leadership #power #learning

leaderAccording to Joel Trammell, there are three leadership challenges to watch for in 2015.

Trammel should know. His leadership as a CEO has produced successful, nine-figure acquisitions for two Fortune 500 companies. Here’s what the author of “The CEO Tightrope” and current CEO of Khorus, a business management software company, said to keep an eye on if you support those in the top spot.

1.Lack of control and influence. The challenge for CEOs is to have employees do exactly what the CEO would do in any given situation. It’s difficult for CEOs to influence everyone directly once companies reach more than about 25 people. Many struggle with this lack of control, either by micromanaging or taking a hands-off management approach. Continue reading “3 Leadership Challenges to Watch for in 2015 #leadership #power #learning”

President Obama Wants to Make Community College Free #learning

Are you willing to work for your two-year degree? If you can maintain a 2.5 GPA and make steady progress toward completion of your program, President Barack Obama wants to help you get an education. He unveiled plans Thursday for America’s College Promise, a program that likely will be welcomed by college students who would … Continue reading President Obama Wants to Make Community College Free #learning

You Gotta Make ‘Em Laugh #diversity #inclusion #humor

Make Em LaughHumor may be one of the most perfect ways to teach people about diversity. For instance, take this video I ran across this week featuring a coterie of black kids from Ferguson, Missouri, discussing how fed up they are with racism. They’re cute, they’re sassy, some are just a few syllables away from baby talk, but with style and childish flair they make their case. Even better, the message sticks with you.

Bringing humor in as a tool with which to relay diversity ideas works because it soothes the sting of latent guilt and discomfort, and it can ease the strain and defensiveness traditionally associated with this kind of subject matter. Video is also the perfect complement. It may be one of my new favorite learning delivery systems. Continue reading “You Gotta Make ‘Em Laugh #diversity #inclusion #humor”