You Sound White…Really? ‘Cuz Webster is for everyone #diversity #communication

I’m no expert on web series, but The Unwritten Rules is exceedingly well done, fearless and spot on. I recommend it for anyone who wants to teach diversity and inclusion through a visual medium. If I had a c-note for every time someone said “you sound white” to me, or “you’re so articulate,” I could probably retire. It’s one of those shitty, shifty microinequities that gets under your skin and makes you wanna muff someone in the face.

As I child that refrain was so common I often wondered, do white people have a monopoly on Webster’s dictionary? Is using grammatically correct English and extending my extensive vocabulary really the mark of whiteness, or does it simply mean that I’m a fabulous communicator? You decide, but the whole conversation is bo-ring. Continue reading “You Sound White…Really? ‘Cuz Webster is for everyone #diversity #communication”

The Unwritten Rules: Episode 4

This web series kills me. It’s sad that misunderstandings and disrespect this ridiculous are still common, but this truthful portrayal is frickin’ hilarious. Creator Kim Williams is seriously talented. Complicated and talented.

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