Trevor Noah, I’m looking forward to this #diversity #inclusion @Trevornoah @TheDailyShow

I don’t watch much TV – Scandal and House of Cards don’t count because I watch them online – but I occasionally caught Jon Stewart and/or blogged about what he was up to. South African comedian Trevor Noah has been selected to succeed him. If this video is representative of what’s ahead, strap yourself in! I … Continue reading Trevor Noah, I’m looking forward to this #diversity #inclusion @Trevornoah @TheDailyShow

Je Suis Charlie: I Support Humanity #JeSuisCharlie

So the other day my phone rings while I’m on the train, and a friend says, “So you speak French now.”

I knew exactly what she was talking about, but I played dumb to prompt whatever was coming next.

“Huh?”Je Suis Charlie

“Your Instagram post earlier.”

“Je Suis Charlie? Yeah. It’s my little show of solidarity for the Charlie Hebdo journalists killed in France.”

“You usually post about black people.”

For a moment, I just sat there. I took the phone from my ear and looked at it. Then I told her roughly the following:

Let me explain something to you, and I want you to listen very closely because what I’m about to say is not only important for you to know about my character, it’s important information for you to know as it will inform how you should deal with me here after.

Just because I’m pro-black does not in any way mean that I’m anti-anything else. Quite the contrary. Continue reading “Je Suis Charlie: I Support Humanity #JeSuisCharlie”