Ahmaud Arbery and the Legacy of Inaction, Injustice and Tragedy Porn for Black People

So, the past week has been interesting. I say interesting because everything that’s been happening should have already happened on or immediately after February 23, 2020. That’s the day Ahmaud Arbery was murdered while taking a jog in Georgia. But it was only this week that his murderers, father and son Gabriel and Travis McMichael, … Continue reading Ahmaud Arbery and the Legacy of Inaction, Injustice and Tragedy Porn for Black People

What’s in a Name? A Lot

A very interesting article crossed my desk this week. It detailed an incident involving Sherman Alexie – American poet, writer and filmmaker and guest editor of 2015’s Best American Poetry – and his personal and professional issues with bias over a particular poem Continue reading “What’s in a Name? A Lot”

New York Shows Women of Color Some Love #diversity #equality #gender

On Thursday, New York City had a quiet, but notable first. New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito announced the Young Women’s Initiative, supposedly the first city initiative in the nation designed specifically for young women of color.Empire_State_Building_Cityscape_at_Dusk

“For too long, young women in New York City have experienced systemic disparity in all areas of life, whether its healthcare, education, or equal pay for equal work,” said Mark-Viverito in a statement. “These injustices are especially pervasive for young women of color, who have been denied opportunity for advancement and success time and time again throughout history. We are here today to say ‘no more.’ It’s time we stand up with women everywhere tackle this inequality head on — and this first-of-its-kind initiative will do just that.”

Of course, young women of color in New York aren’t the only ones who’ve suffered from systemic bias and discrimination, but that such a large metropolitan area is taking a step like this is encouraging — particularly because there was no predicating incident of note that would have made such a step necessary for PR purposes. Continue reading “New York Shows Women of Color Some Love #diversity #equality #gender”