Perception is the Devil; Women Penalized for Promoting Women @WSJ #diversity #inclusion

I’m convinced that perception is half the reason progress in diversity-related matters is yo-yo slow. How those in power look at you, their unspoken but powerful judgments, they’re like microinequities on steroids. Strong Female Bound

Even when you try to do something good, if you’re a minority, something bad will appear and follow you like a bad smell. Take Rachel Feintzeig’s recent piece “Women Penalized for Promoting Women, Study Finds” for instance.

In it Feintzeig talks about new research from the University of Colorado that found women and non-white executives who advocate for other minorities to be promoted or hired often get lower performance ratings than white males who do the same thing. Why? Perception. Continue reading “Perception is the Devil; Women Penalized for Promoting Women @WSJ #diversity #inclusion”

Former Abercrombie & Fitch CDO Todd Corley Sets the Record Straight #diversity #inclusion #leadership

It wasn’t Todd Corley’s decision to leave his position as chief diversity officer for global retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. But now that he’s gone he can look back on a job well done and a bright future ahead at the helm of his own TAPO Institute. He took a few minutes to sit down with … Continue reading Former Abercrombie & Fitch CDO Todd Corley Sets the Record Straight #diversity #inclusion #leadership

Are White Gay Men Stealing From Black Women? #LGBT #diversity

Double StandardMy gay friend Travis sent me a blog he found in Time, “Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture” by Sierra Mannie. In the piece, Mannie kvetches that Black women’s hair styles, clothes, language and dance moves are being pillaged by gay white men. That they are taking all of the glitz and glam and leaving behind the degradation, humiliation and stifled opportunities that characterize the black female experience. Essentially she’s saying there’s a line between appropriation and appreciation.

That’s very true. It seems like every time I turn around some black person is squawking about something we created being stolen by white people. And the list is long of black inventions, tangible or cultural, that have been appropriated by other races, for which we see a pittance, if any, of the resulting dividends.

My problem with the squawking is two-fold. One, what other races appropriate are often the most base, ridiculous and silly traits, things perpetuated by the media and a very small percentage of black people. I say, let ‘em keep that neck-popping bull crap. It has very little if anything to do with real – yes, I said real – black culture and history. Continue reading “Are White Gay Men Stealing From Black Women? #LGBT #diversity”

Don’t Be Distracted by the N Word #diversity #racism

This week, the WestView News got a lot of attention when it used the N word in the headline for an op-ed piece on President Obama, “The Nig-r in the White House.”Obama

Of course everyone’s on fire about it. It’s been a long, twitchy chorus of ‘how dare he,’ and ‘I’m so offended.’ But for me, all the kerfluffle that has ensued is just another example of the public allowing itself to be distracted from an important message. The media articles I’ve seen have been quick to assert that the piece was pro-Obama, calling out the racism of far right voters, but that message has been almost completely obscured by that one controversial word. Continue reading “Don’t Be Distracted by the N Word #diversity #racism”

You Sound White…Really? ‘Cuz Webster is for everyone #diversity #communication

I’m no expert on web series, but The Unwritten Rules is exceedingly well done, fearless and spot on. I recommend it for anyone who wants to teach diversity and inclusion through a visual medium. If I had a c-note for every time someone said “you sound white” to me, or “you’re so articulate,” I could probably retire. It’s one of those shitty, shifty microinequities that gets under your skin and makes you wanna muff someone in the face.

As I child that refrain was so common I often wondered, do white people have a monopoly on Webster’s dictionary? Is using grammatically correct English and extending my extensive vocabulary really the mark of whiteness, or does it simply mean that I’m a fabulous communicator? You decide, but the whole conversation is bo-ring. Continue reading “You Sound White…Really? ‘Cuz Webster is for everyone #diversity #communication”

Strategy Diversity Management: Are We There Yet? #diversity #business

Things are moving in the right direction, but we’re not there yet. Still, we keep working on it – what choice do we have? None! – by removing bias from the workplace and different talent management processes, broadening diversity from a talent-focused practice to one rooted in business strategy and moving past the historical baggage … Continue reading Strategy Diversity Management: Are We There Yet? #diversity #business

Your Beautiful Isn’t Mine #inclusion #beauty @estherhonig

HonigJournalist Esther Honig released the results of her experiment in Photoshop this week. She asked 25 people around the world to “make me beautiful,” and gave them license to do that with her photo any way they liked.

The results offer a very simple lesson: We all have different ideas about what is beautiful.

Ideal beauty standards have never appealed to me. Probably because I personally do not fit into most of the established ones being short, brown, round with kinky hair. But I’ve always been somewhat sympathetic to those compelled to pursue this rather nebulous idea of beauty. Continue reading “Your Beautiful Isn’t Mine #inclusion #beauty @estherhonig”

We Have The Power #fashion #diversity

Melissa McCarthyA friend and I were talking about an article I read on how several major designers, unnamed of course, refused to dress actress Melissa McCarthy for the 2012 Oscars.

I said, well, she’s fat. Most designers are concerned with elevating their brands, not dressing the masses of people who she more accurately represents. They’re selling a dream, not reality.

My buddy was like, yeah, but we’ve given the fashion industry carte blanche to ostracize and depreciate people who don’t fit established molds. They abuse that power, and diversity is a casualty. Continue reading “We Have The Power #fashion #diversity”