Learning, leadership and thought-provocation – three days in Miami. #learning #CLOsym

Brigid SchulteThere’s nothing like being a winner.

The thrill of victory, intimate knowledge of a job well done, and then there’s the recognition. Our 2015 LearningElite winners understand the feeling well, as Chief Learning Officer’s spring symposium is also when the LearningElite Gala takes place and all of this years’ 71 bronze, silver and gold winners were recognized over wine and laughs from Second City.

It was the perfect kick off to our bi-annual event – or as I think of it in my mind, our bi-annual, in-person learning extravaganza. I usually do a few video interviews with learning leaders at the event – watch for my talk with ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen; what a nice guy, and what a wonderful, lesson filled story he has to tell – and it’s always tough to wrestle my interviewees away from the networking opportunities that alternate workshops and keynotes.

I had to physically pull CHK Baptist Health CLO Justin Lombardo away from the crowd of people who wanted to pick his brain after he delivered a short, but strong Voice of the CLO presentation on what to do with yourself after you transition out of the CLO role. Hint, he found another CLO role – one with a finite end date. Continue reading “Learning, leadership and thought-provocation – three days in Miami. #learning #CLOsym”