How Does Your Company Handle Reports of Employee Harassment?

I create a lot of content in my work. That content is used for different media, platforms and purposes, whether they’re written, spoken or visual. However, no matter what form that content ultimately takes, it’s successful reception usually comes down to two things: how I deliver a message and who I’m delivering it to, or, … Continue reading How Does Your Company Handle Reports of Employee Harassment?

Dude, Don’t Grab the Pussy – Especially Not at Work

So this week everyone’s talking about pussy grabbing. I’m not being vulgar, that literally is what everyone’s talking about thanks to Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. By now you’ve probably heard snippets from the recording released last Friday of Trump boasting to now suspended Today Show host Billy Bush how fame meant he could do anything … Continue reading Dude, Don’t Grab the Pussy – Especially Not at Work

The Reality of Street Harassment #gender #catcalling #equality

catcallingAs a woman there are certain things you deal with. You don’t ask for them, they’re just a fact of life. It has nothing to do with beauty or body type. The only real requirement is that you be feminine, which by definition, if you are a woman, you are.

Street harassment is one of those things. You walk outside, you don’t have in ear buds, random men will try to engage you in personal conversations. They’ll comment on your looks, tell you what to do, make suggestions on your behavior, present, past and future, tender their opinion about your clothes or walk or hair or skin or lips.

Unless you’re a woman you won’t understand how invasive and annoying it can be, this unasked for, completely random inquisition and abuse. Continue reading “The Reality of Street Harassment #gender #catcalling #equality”

Harassment: the Unsung #Diversity Problem #HarassmentIs

HarassmentI guess I never really thought about harassment in a diversity context. But then I read “10 Things That Street #HarassmentIs, In Case You Really Don’t Think It’s Important” by Soraya Chemaly, and it changed my mind, big time.

It’s not that I haven’t been harassed. I have. I’m reasonably cute, I have breasts, and I’m black. In some places that’s a recipe for disaster, a triple disaster, in fact. I’ve been importuned on the street, while visiting foreign countries, on jobs. But see, I’m what they call a ball buster. What I get, is often what I give. Continue reading “Harassment: the Unsung #Diversity Problem #HarassmentIs”