What Are You Scared Of?

I’m not one for contemplating the big questions. You know: Why are we here? Does God exist? What’s the meaning of life? I disdained philosophy in college. I had a headache the entire class because my eyes were constantly rolling, and no question ever seemed to have an answer. I’m big on answers: We’re here … Continue reading What Are You Scared Of?

The Quest to Shame Women’s Bodies #gender #power #diversity

Women’s bodies are fair game in the public eye and in the workplace. But whether you’re powerful, influential and a winner like Serena Williams, or an ordinary woman in an office, put on your lipstick, work on bolstering your self-confidence and keep it moving. Black women’s curvy bodies have long been a threat, our femininity a … Continue reading The Quest to Shame Women’s Bodies #gender #power #diversity

‘Lady, You Are Beautiful’ Yeah, I Know #gender #bias #power #diversity

complimentsI’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that compliments are mostly BS, and I ran into an interesting social experiment on Twitter this week that proves it.

Instead of saying the usual variation of “thank you so much!” and/or blushing with eyelashes fluttering, 20-year-old student Claire Boniface decided to agree with every compliment a man gave her on social media. It did not go well.

Now, common lore would have us believe that men prefer an agreeable woman, but apparently, men don’t want you to say, “Yes,” when they tell you you’re beautiful, or “yepp,” when they say, “You’re amazing.” When you do, you immediately stop being beautiful and amazing and become a vain, ugly bitch. Continue reading “‘Lady, You Are Beautiful’ Yeah, I Know #gender #bias #power #diversity”

Domestic Violence in the Workplace #gender #diversity #inclusion

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice kicked off a huge poop storm when a video surfaced of him battering his then fiancé now wife Janay Palmer recently. It was quickly followed by a wave of similar news, including allegations against U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller who is said to have battered his wife in a hotel room. Hashtags followed, specifically, #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft, which helped to shine a bright light on an issue I had no idea was prevalent.Domestic violence

I consider myself pretty savvy and aware, especially about crimes perpetuated against women, but the sheer volume of support – and of course vitriol – that emerged around domestic violence following the Rice situation blew my mind.

I asked a lawyer what employers can do if they suspect an employee is suffering from domestic violence. I suspected not much given the legal implications. Here’s what Reggie Belcher, a shareholder and employment lawyer with Turner Padget Workplace Law Group in Columbia SC had to say: Continue reading “Domestic Violence in the Workplace #gender #diversity #inclusion”