Indiana Is Officially Not Gay Friendly #diversity #inclusion #LGBT #discrimination

Indiana not gay friendlyIndiana Governor Mike Pence made it legal this past week for businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of “religious freedom.”

There is one big thing wrong with that statement — besides the obvious — and its one word: legal.

What’s next? Will it be legal to kill black people in the street? … OK, bad example. But you get my point, right? Making something legal means it’s okay, it’s right, it grants permission for distinctly noninclusive, not to mention not very friendly, behavior.

On the other hand, considering the extremely strong buying power of the gay community — in 2013, it was an estimated $830 billion according to Witeck Communications and — what better way to root out bigots? I’ve always believed it’s better to know up front where you stand with people. It’s easier to avoid trouble that way. Of course, that attitude isn’t effective if inclusion is the goal. But if this bill backfires, it will almost certainly be for economic reasons, not anything specifically diversity-related. Continue reading “Indiana Is Officially Not Gay Friendly #diversity #inclusion #LGBT #discrimination”

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says: “I’m Proud to Be Gay” #diversity #LGBT

Apple CEO Tim Cook came out today.

Mum on his sexual orientation until he shared his truth in  Tim Cookan essay for Bloomberg Businessweek, Cook said he considered it a good trade, his privacy for the chance to bring comfort or to inspire someone “to insist upon their equality.”

Despite the prevailing non-diversity friendly sentiment that seems to hang over Silicon Valley — and the tech industry in general — like a bad smell, he said Appleloves creativity and innovation and knows it can only flourish when organizations embrace people’s differences. Continue reading “Apple CEO Tim Cook Says: “I’m Proud to Be Gay” #diversity #LGBT”

Are White Gay Men Stealing From Black Women? #LGBT #diversity

Double StandardMy gay friend Travis sent me a blog he found in Time, “Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture” by Sierra Mannie. In the piece, Mannie kvetches that Black women’s hair styles, clothes, language and dance moves are being pillaged by gay white men. That they are taking all of the glitz and glam and leaving behind the degradation, humiliation and stifled opportunities that characterize the black female experience. Essentially she’s saying there’s a line between appropriation and appreciation.

That’s very true. It seems like every time I turn around some black person is squawking about something we created being stolen by white people. And the list is long of black inventions, tangible or cultural, that have been appropriated by other races, for which we see a pittance, if any, of the resulting dividends.

My problem with the squawking is two-fold. One, what other races appropriate are often the most base, ridiculous and silly traits, things perpetuated by the media and a very small percentage of black people. I say, let ‘em keep that neck-popping bull crap. It has very little if anything to do with real – yes, I said real – black culture and history. Continue reading “Are White Gay Men Stealing From Black Women? #LGBT #diversity”

Barilla Says: You’re Gay? Go Eat Someone Else’s Pasta #discrimination #intolerance

Barilla Chairman Guido Barilla apparently would prefer it if only those who belong to traditional families eat his pasta. So gay folk, go buy Creamette. According to a translation of his comments, originally made in Italian, he said: “We won’t include gays in our ads, because we like the traditional family. If gays don’t like … Continue reading Barilla Says: You’re Gay? Go Eat Someone Else’s Pasta #discrimination #intolerance