Fifty Shades of Shhhh! #sexualharassment #FSOG #workplace #watercooler

FSOG2Any die-hard romance lover is waiting impatiently for next Friday, not because it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, but because the film adaptation of best-selling trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” will be released. It’s a major, major deal; trust me. I’ve been waiting for this with more anticipation than the Man of Steel sequel, and that’s a lot.

But one of my co-workers sent me a very important article related to the film that posits talking about it may be one person’s excited cinephile chatter and another person’s hostile work environment.

Writer Suzanne Lucas, also known as @RealEvilHRLady, penned a piece called “‘Fifty Shades’ at the Watercooler” that suggests talking about the film at work could lead to legal issues related to sexual harassment.  Continue reading “Fifty Shades of Shhhh! #sexualharassment #FSOG #workplace #watercooler”