Bill Clinton: The President’s Apology Is Still Missing

I was at the Javits Center working with a client last week when I noticed we were sharing the convention hall with the BookExpo. There was a huge banner advertising Bill Clinton’s new book with James Patterson. I thought, ‘Huh. That’s an interesting pairing. Marketable and attention grabbing, for sure.’ I’m not sure I’ve ever … Continue reading Bill Clinton: The President’s Apology Is Still Missing

Patricia Arquette, I’m sure you meant well, but… #diversity #inclusion #equalpay #Oscars2015

So last night was the Oscars, and brothers Common and John Legend won big, making black history, while we’re still celebrating Black History Month. Their award-winning song “Glory” from Selma was positive and deserving, and I regret not watching the event to see them walk across that stage and do the damn thing. They gave a wonderful acceptance speech, but sadly for me, the joy over their win was overshadowed by another winner. Patricia A

Patricia Arquette also won an Oscar for her role in Boyhood, and she created quite a furor with her passionate acceptance speech calling out the pay inequities women suffer. But it was her comment during a press conference later that struck a sour note with me – and with many.

I can’t say whether she intended to slight women of color or to lump all men and all women into the same buckets as though their life experiences match like lost puzzle pieces. I can’t confirm what her intentions were beyond shining a light on the fact that women are unilaterally not paid the same as men, and there’s no reason for it. I agree with Arquette – about that. But this whole “It’s time for all the women in America — and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of color that we’ve all fought for– to fight for us now.” – that’s 50 shades of crap. Continue reading “Patricia Arquette, I’m sure you meant well, but… #diversity #inclusion #equalpay #Oscars2015”

You Can Be a Feminist and Love Modern Music #feminism #music #Drake #diversity

I ran into this article where For Harriet writer Michelle Denise Jackson discussed her quandary — being a feminist and simultaneously loving ratchet music.Drake

You know ratchet music. You may have nearly broken a finger or two frantically pushing buttons on the radio while driving to get away from it. Whereas I look forward to riding in my car just so I can listen to Drake and crew on 107.5 or 92.3 in Chicago.

Sometimes I jam so hard my Sonata turns into a little mobile dance club. In my more enlightened moments, I know I shouldn’t be listening to this music. I should be writing a blog on how horrible it is that a Muslim couple and her sister were killed this week — a very obvious hate crime in my opinion — but the music is an escape from that reality. Continue reading “You Can Be a Feminist and Love Modern Music #feminism #music #Drake #diversity”

Kaley Cuoco: Feminism Is Not a Bad Word #gender #paygap #inequality #JenniferLawrence #KaleyCuoco

CuocoI find it astounding that women can claim they aren’t feminists, or that they don’t like the word feminist.

I suppose it depends on your perception of, or definition for, the word. I like the definition Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie used in her Ted talk, the one that subsequently went viral when Beyonce featured it in her hit Flawless: Feminist, a person who believes in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes. Simple. Any reasonable person can get behind that, right?

Which is why I’m confused when people like actress Kaley Cuoco cast even a hint of a shadow on the idea, which she kind of did in her latest Redbook interview. Continue reading “Kaley Cuoco: Feminism Is Not a Bad Word #gender #paygap #inequality #JenniferLawrence #KaleyCuoco”

Feminism on TV? ‘Scandal’-ous #diversity #inclusion #gender #Scandal

If you needed a(nother) reason to watch Scandal, HuffPo’s got it: The popular TV show gives viewers lessons on feminism to millions of viewers each week.Scandal

According to an article by Jessica Samakow posted this week, our favorite fixer Olivia Pope and our favorite fictional first lady Mellie Grant are chock full of nuggets that advance the fight for gender equality.

I noticed some time ago that executive producer Shonda Rhimes was a pro at using her dramatic TV prowess to advance diverse and inclusive ideas. But I’m glad someone other than me came straight out and gave her some virtual dap for her efforts. Continue reading “Feminism on TV? ‘Scandal’-ous #diversity #inclusion #gender #Scandal”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on #feminism #gender #diversity #change

Beyonce turned me on to this lady in her song Flawless. I finally got a chance to listen to the speech from which some of the song lyrics came while editing, serendipitously enough, work for @DiversityExec magazine. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is funny and engaging, but it is her message about raising our daughters and sons … Continue reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on #feminism #gender #diversity #change