When Black Girl Magic Goes Viral

We can all take something great from the following slice of Black Girl Magic. So, instead of trying to reason out the whys and wherefors to some foolishness that transpired in the media this week, I’m going to leave you with something inspiring, beautiful and encouraging – at least it was that for me. UCLA … Continue reading When Black Girl Magic Goes Viral

Did You Really Just Call Your Co-star a Slut? #gender #Avengers #AgeofUltron

OK, men throw the word slut around way too easily. It is unbelievably tiresome to hear that insult used for a joke, like it has no effect on the people who hear it.avengers

Society already puts an unreasonable amount of pressure on women to behave a certain way. This is feminine. That is not feminine. You shouldn’t do this, or that, or the other. Why? Well, if you do people will think you’re a slut.

Apparently, having breasts and being charming is enough reason for people to call you a slut — including your coworkers — as Scarlett Johansson found out following a stop on the press junket for her new Avengers movie “Age of Ultron.” Continue reading “Did You Really Just Call Your Co-star a Slut? #gender #Avengers #AgeofUltron”