Arizona on Verge of Legalizing #Discrimination? #diversity #religiousfreedom

Okay, so if Arizona Governor Jan Brewer – she of the pointing finger in President Obama’s face; I’m so not a fan – passes the Exercise of Religion bill making it legal for business owners to discriminate against gay and lesbian customers if it pleases their religious beliefs, I will not be visiting that state, like, ever. In fact, I will be boycotting anything that starts with and ends with A, period. Religious freedom

Whatever next? Are we going to reinstitute prohibition? Maybe resurrect Jim Crow while we’re at it? Come on. I know – better than some – that we do not in fact live in a post-racial, completely gender and difference supportive society, but this is pushing it a bit too far, no? Continue reading “Arizona on Verge of Legalizing #Discrimination? #diversity #religiousfreedom”