The Reality of Street Harassment #gender #catcalling #equality

catcallingAs a woman there are certain things you deal with. You don’t ask for them, they’re just a fact of life. It has nothing to do with beauty or body type. The only real requirement is that you be feminine, which by definition, if you are a woman, you are.

Street harassment is one of those things. You walk outside, you don’t have in ear buds, random men will try to engage you in personal conversations. They’ll comment on your looks, tell you what to do, make suggestions on your behavior, present, past and future, tender their opinion about your clothes or walk or hair or skin or lips.

Unless you’re a woman you won’t understand how invasive and annoying it can be, this unasked for, completely random inquisition and abuse. Continue reading “The Reality of Street Harassment #gender #catcalling #equality”

Strategy Diversity Management: Are We There Yet? #diversity #business

Things are moving in the right direction, but we’re not there yet. Still, we keep working on it – what choice do we have? None! – by removing bias from the workplace and different talent management processes, broadening diversity from a talent-focused practice to one rooted in business strategy and moving past the historical baggage … Continue reading Strategy Diversity Management: Are We There Yet? #diversity #business

Ladies, Let’s Talk About Cash #payequity #diversity #money #gender #discrimination

I often wonder whether it was the rich or the poor who first gave money a bad name.

The rich would have reason to do so because, duh, they want to remain rich. Thus, poo pooing money would make it seem less enticing for those who might have the resources and/or the wherewithal to take it from them. The poor might deny money’s appeal because they don’t have it – a simple case of denying what you really want.need cash

Of course, it’s all BS.

There’s a line I’ll never forget from cult 90s film classic Reality Bites where Winona Ryder very snidely says to Ethan Hawke, “Oh, but what’s money to an artist? To a philosopher? It’s just green-colored paper that floats in and out of his life like snow!” She was basically calling him an immature idiot, and I agree. People need money. Period. What you do with it and how you live with it, is something else. Continue reading “Ladies, Let’s Talk About Cash #payequity #diversity #money #gender #discrimination”

Black Films Do Make Money, Are Relatable To Wide Audiences #diversity #inclusion #film #movies

I almost forgot to post this. I’m still working on my on camera chops…I need a lot of work. LOL. I have GOT to remember to wear my contacts! There’s a nasty glare off my poor glasses and without them I look cross-eyed…I hope I don’t look like that all the time… But some of … Continue reading Black Films Do Make Money, Are Relatable To Wide Audiences #diversity #inclusion #film #movies