‘Lady, You Are Beautiful’ Yeah, I Know #gender #bias #power #diversity

complimentsI’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that compliments are mostly BS, and I ran into an interesting social experiment on Twitter this week that proves it.

Instead of saying the usual variation of “thank you so much!” and/or blushing with eyelashes fluttering, 20-year-old student Claire Boniface decided to agree with every compliment a man gave her on social media. It did not go well.

Now, common lore would have us believe that men prefer an agreeable woman, but apparently, men don’t want you to say, “Yes,” when they tell you you’re beautiful, or “yepp,” when they say, “You’re amazing.” When you do, you immediately stop being beautiful and amazing and become a vain, ugly bitch. Continue reading “‘Lady, You Are Beautiful’ Yeah, I Know #gender #bias #power #diversity”