Domestic Violence in the Workplace #gender #diversity #inclusion

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice kicked off a huge poop storm when a video surfaced of him battering his then fiancé now wife Janay Palmer recently. It was quickly followed by a wave of similar news, including allegations against U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller who is said to have battered his wife in a hotel room. Hashtags followed, specifically, #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft, which helped to shine a bright light on an issue I had no idea was prevalent.Domestic violence

I consider myself pretty savvy and aware, especially about crimes perpetuated against women, but the sheer volume of support – and of course vitriol – that emerged around domestic violence following the Rice situation blew my mind.

I asked a lawyer what employers can do if they suspect an employee is suffering from domestic violence. I suspected not much given the legal implications. Here’s what Reggie Belcher, a shareholder and employment lawyer with Turner Padget Workplace Law Group in Columbia SC had to say: Continue reading “Domestic Violence in the Workplace #gender #diversity #inclusion”