The Media Is In Crisis, and It’s Taking America Down with It

In a word, what’s happening right now in the media, and low key in this country, is a shitshow. It’s like this Fast Company piece from Joe Berkowitz said: “We are heading down a dark path, and laughing all the way about the shoddy paving.” It’s ridiculous, but this is the reality. We are so bogged down … Continue reading The Media Is In Crisis, and It’s Taking America Down with It

Work – and Dated Ideas About Work – Could Kill You #diversityofthought #gender #work

I spent most of the week in Miami at the Spring CLO Symposium, a biannual event my company throws for learning leaders.Work kills

One of our keynote speakers was Brigid Schulte, author of “Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time.” A seasoned journalist for the Washington Post, Schulte spoke with refreshing candor about an issue most everyone can relate to – not having enough time.

Schulte presented the issue in a heart wrenching way, however. For her, not having enough time meant more than exposing herself to physically toxic levels of stress. It meant more than struggling to meet an unreasonable and dated perception of the ideal worker – more on that later – for her, not having enough time meant missing out on once in a life time moments with her children.

She described one particular stressed out day – in a loop of stressed out days – where her children wanted her to join them in the yard jumping on their trampoline. She said something like, I’ll be right there – she was working on her very long to do list – and when she looked up again, her children were gone, and it was dark. The moment was also gone, never to return again. Continue reading “Work – and Dated Ideas About Work – Could Kill You #diversityofthought #gender #work”

You Can Be a Feminist and Love Modern Music #feminism #music #Drake #diversity

I ran into this article where For Harriet writer Michelle Denise Jackson discussed her quandary — being a feminist and simultaneously loving ratchet music.Drake

You know ratchet music. You may have nearly broken a finger or two frantically pushing buttons on the radio while driving to get away from it. Whereas I look forward to riding in my car just so I can listen to Drake and crew on 107.5 or 92.3 in Chicago.

Sometimes I jam so hard my Sonata turns into a little mobile dance club. In my more enlightened moments, I know I shouldn’t be listening to this music. I should be writing a blog on how horrible it is that a Muslim couple and her sister were killed this week — a very obvious hate crime in my opinion — but the music is an escape from that reality. Continue reading “You Can Be a Feminist and Love Modern Music #feminism #music #Drake #diversity”