Shaun King Says ‘I’m Not White’ — I Believe Him

First, this situation is different from Rachel Dolezal. She actually was white — and a liar on multiple fronts — and her family outed her. And let me emphasize these were members of her family who weren’t afraid to be explicitly named, and weren’t afraid to go on camera, Don Lemon. This thing with King … Continue reading Shaun King Says ‘I’m Not White’ — I Believe Him

I am seriously in love with @amandalastenberg… #race #blackculture

Words I never thought I’d utter, ever LOL. But Amandala Stenberg is kind of fabulous. I knew it when I saw her bad ass little self in the movie Columbiana, but now I see she’s just as impressive in real life. Amandla commented on Kylie Jenner’s recent photo of herself with cornrows, and my first … Continue reading I am seriously in love with @amandalastenberg… #race #blackculture

Women Will Hold Back Their Opinions To Avoid The “B” Word – Bossy #gender #bossy #diversity #inclusion #bias

According to an online survey Deloitte Global conducted in February and March of more than 1,700 professionals, 65 percent believe their organization is improving representation of senior women thanks to flexible work programs, gender diversity targets and executive commitment. Bossy

But, while 80 percent of respondents believe ideas were welcomed in their organizations regardless of gender, 40 percent said they occasionally hold back their opinions to avoid being labelled bossy or appearing too assertive.

That’s sad, but it makes sense. To be a woman with an opinion is often synonymous with the bossy label. It’s almost like a woman can’t have an opinion without someone, male or female, qualifying it in some way. Continue reading “Women Will Hold Back Their Opinions To Avoid The “B” Word – Bossy #gender #bossy #diversity #inclusion #bias”

Be The Change You Want To See #race #diversity #EricGarner

Eric Garner ProtestThose of you who follow my blog may have wondered at my rather conspicuous silence on the Mike Brown and Eric Garner verdicts. But in all honesty, I was struggling.

I felt quite hopeless, wondering what on earth it would take to stop the consistent, outright torture and killing of my black male brethren. What could I do to help, to make sustainable lasting change? I sat quietly at home for many hours wondering what contribution I might make, and I sank pretty low for a while.

But then, as the protests around the world grew in size and scope and creativity, I began to feel better. I realized I am doing something to help, whether it’s engaging you via this blog or simply living by example, being the change I want to see, as entrepreneur Kenny Burns said in a recent Instagram video. Continue reading “Be The Change You Want To See #race #diversity #EricGarner”

Quiet Advocacy: You don’t have to make a big noise to have an impact #diversity #inclusion

Mike NicholsAll you cinema buffs are likely aware that Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols died this week. He was 83.

He’s known for films like The Graduate, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Silkwood or the more recent Charlie Wilson’s War. But I think he may also have been a quiet advocate for diversity.

In a January 2013 interview for Vanity Fair his interviewer and peer Elaine May asked, “What have you learned?” The following transcript of his response suggests he learned that being different can lead to a heightened intuition into others motives. Continue reading “Quiet Advocacy: You don’t have to make a big noise to have an impact #diversity #inclusion”

Big Girls Make Less Money #diversity #gender #obesity

You’d have to be an alien – a fresh off your intergalactic space ship alien – not to know that women all over the world make less money than men, on average. But did you know the more overweight a woman is the more likely she is to work a low paying job?weight-money

That’s the scoop according to a new study from Vanderbilt Law School. And, typically, the correlation between size and salary isn’t nearly as pronounced for overweight men. Sigh. Continue reading “Big Girls Make Less Money #diversity #gender #obesity”

Santa Claus Doesn’t Have to Be White @craftingmystyle #diversity

Slate culture blogger Aisha Harris found herself in the middle of a little kerfuffle recently over Santa Claus, of all things. Harris wrote a piece suggesting the traditional white Santa might better serve the world today as a penguin. Before you go off the rails, she makes a valid argument – kids love cartoons, and penguins are popular and media friendly – having an animal as the symbol might in fact be more inclusive.

Black SantaOf course, when Fox News picked up the story, it became something decidedly less inclusive and more divisive, which completely misses the point. If ever there was a reason why diversity work must continue, Fox News is it. The station – specifically Megyn Kelly  – doesn’t seem to care in the least about accuracy.

For instance, Harris never said it was racist to have a white Santa. She simply pointed out that society’s longstanding default habit of stamping certain things white just because doesn’t make sense anymore. Continue reading “Santa Claus Doesn’t Have to Be White @craftingmystyle #diversity”

India Arie does much to promote black beauty in new video. #diversity

Her lyrics say create the game and you create the rules, and I couldn’t agree more.  It may be a struggle; but we who are different than the norms society puts forward – despite increasing levels of diversity in all realms of engagement – are up for the challenge. With consistent self-love most folks will … Continue reading India Arie does much to promote black beauty in new video. #diversity