Dropbox Learns – Painfully – One Twitter Snafu, and You’re Toast

Media can be tricky. Especially social media. One poorly written sentence, ill-timed tweet or poor photo choice, and you’ll end up with your corporate image in a sling. Ask cloud storage company Dropbox. They know. Poor Dropbox. When they released their diversity numbers earlier this week, they meant well, really they did. If only the … Continue reading Dropbox Learns – Painfully – One Twitter Snafu, and You’re Toast

3 Leadership Challenges to Watch for in 2015 #leadership #power #learning

leaderAccording to Joel Trammell, there are three leadership challenges to watch for in 2015.

Trammel should know. His leadership as a CEO has produced successful, nine-figure acquisitions for two Fortune 500 companies. Here’s what the author of “The CEO Tightrope” and current CEO of Khorus, a business management software company, said to keep an eye on if you support those in the top spot.

1.Lack of control and influence. The challenge for CEOs is to have employees do exactly what the CEO would do in any given situation. It’s difficult for CEOs to influence everyone directly once companies reach more than about 25 people. Many struggle with this lack of control, either by micromanaging or taking a hands-off management approach. Continue reading “3 Leadership Challenges to Watch for in 2015 #leadership #power #learning”

An Interesting Spin on Hispanic Data #Hispanic #diversity

More Hispanics are declaring themselves white. I know, it surprised me too, but that was the title of a New York Times piece I read this week by Nate Cohn.LatinoHeritage3

My first thought was, really? When I think of Hispanic minorities, the first adjective that pops to mind is ethnic pride. The many subgroups in this demographic have fought vocally and with dignity to preserve their language and customs. Yet according to the 2010 census many of these Americans had different answers for census questions about race and ethnicity. Since the 2000 census some 1.2 million of the 35 million who identified as “Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin,” switched to “white.” Continue reading “An Interesting Spin on Hispanic Data #Hispanic #diversity”

“Black Twitter” Equals Big Business

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal released “Twitter Users’ Diversity Becomes an Ad Selling Point” featuring new data from Pew Research Center. It’s official: Social media is a veritable treasure trove for those who want to sell products and services to minorities.

According to Twitter’s new multicultural strategist Nuria Santamaria, advertisers are increasingly interested in data about racial and ethnic minorities activity and patterns of engagement on Twitter, “from basic numbers to the languages in which they tweet.” Not surprising given their growing demographic size and buying power, Hispanics tweet more than any other group; their activity increases even more when the conversation is around technology. Continue reading ““Black Twitter” Equals Big Business”