No AP History, Unless It’s Old-School American History #diversity #inclusion #education

HistoryWhen I was in school, I took AP classes in history, English and Spanish. I couldn’t tell you what specifics the curriculum covered — most days by dinnertime I couldn’t tell you what I ate for lunch — but I do remember the lively discussions that were typical of those gatherings.

There was usually a good natured argument or two going on as we chewed over the nuances of things not covered in traditional classes. That’s what makes this latest news bit I ran across so incredibly disturbing.

According to an article I read in New York Magazine, lawmakers in Oklahoma and Georgia are doing their best to ban AP classes in their respective states because — and this is the scary bit — essentially, they seem to believe that what’s not pro-American or old-school American, shouldn’t be taught at all. Continue reading “No AP History, Unless It’s Old-School American History #diversity #inclusion #education”

3 Leadership Challenges to Watch for in 2015 #leadership #power #learning

leaderAccording to Joel Trammell, there are three leadership challenges to watch for in 2015.

Trammel should know. His leadership as a CEO has produced successful, nine-figure acquisitions for two Fortune 500 companies. Here’s what the author of “The CEO Tightrope” and current CEO of Khorus, a business management software company, said to keep an eye on if you support those in the top spot.

1.Lack of control and influence. The challenge for CEOs is to have employees do exactly what the CEO would do in any given situation. It’s difficult for CEOs to influence everyone directly once companies reach more than about 25 people. Many struggle with this lack of control, either by micromanaging or taking a hands-off management approach. Continue reading “3 Leadership Challenges to Watch for in 2015 #leadership #power #learning”