Shaun King Says ‘I’m Not White’ — I Believe Him

First, this situation is different from Rachel Dolezal. She actually was white — and a liar on multiple fronts — and her family outed her. And let me emphasize these were members of her family who weren’t afraid to be explicitly named, and weren’t afraid to go on camera, Don Lemon. This thing with King … Continue reading Shaun King Says ‘I’m Not White’ — I Believe Him

What’s Wrong With a Black Annie? #Annie #diversity #discrimination #film #movies

Black AnnieSo Quvenzhané Wallis is playing Annie, and as the moment of truth – also known as the film trailer release came and went – there has been a ton of, um, concern from people who are confused and chagrined the nine year old African-American is playing the iconic role.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the original film Annie was a little white girl with curly bright red hair. Wallis is far from that, and the backlash has been impressive. Continue reading “What’s Wrong With a Black Annie? #Annie #diversity #discrimination #film #movies”