Work – and Dated Ideas About Work – Could Kill You #diversityofthought #gender #work

I spent most of the week in Miami at the Spring CLO Symposium, a biannual event my company throws for learning leaders.Work kills

One of our keynote speakers was Brigid Schulte, author of “Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time.” A seasoned journalist for the Washington Post, Schulte spoke with refreshing candor about an issue most everyone can relate to – not having enough time.

Schulte presented the issue in a heart wrenching way, however. For her, not having enough time meant more than exposing herself to physically toxic levels of stress. It meant more than struggling to meet an unreasonable and dated perception of the ideal worker – more on that later – for her, not having enough time meant missing out on once in a life time moments with her children.

She described one particular stressed out day – in a loop of stressed out days – where her children wanted her to join them in the yard jumping on their trampoline. She said something like, I’ll be right there – she was working on her very long to do list – and when she looked up again, her children were gone, and it was dark. The moment was also gone, never to return again. Continue reading “Work – and Dated Ideas About Work – Could Kill You #diversityofthought #gender #work”

Women Need Men to #LeanInTogether #diversity #gender #bias #inclusion

Sheryl SandbergFor every horrible, aggravating, frustrating, ridiculous and unnecessary thing that happens to me just because I’m a woman, or just because I’m black, there are rays of hope.

Without these rays of hope, I can’t really contemplate my existence. It would be barren. Hopeless. I don’t know if I would exist in the shape and form that I currently do. I might be crazy, and justifiably so.

Last week I ran across an article filled with quotes from men who support women. It was just the ray of light I needed to shake off the latest evidence of sexism in the workplace that crossed my desk. The piece went directly to the source, men who recognize, acknowledge and have pledged their time to “lean in,” in a way Sheryl Sandberg may not have fully envisioned but I believe would whole heartedly approve of. Continue reading “Women Need Men to #LeanInTogether #diversity #gender #bias #inclusion”

Strippers Are Employees Too #diversity #talentmanagement #gender #discrimination

I follow a stripper on Instagram, @Cardi_BB. She’s crass, rude, swears like a sailor, is as far from politically correct as is possible for anyone to be and she’s absolutely hilarious. She makes me laugh, makes me think and occasionally, she makes me sad.strippers

She’s not a victim, whining about her self-imposed plight, but occasionally, she’ll drop a nugget in one of her many videos that makes me think about stereotypes, authenticity, and the unfair way many of us assume that all of one thing is all one way.

For example, all strippers are out to steal your man. I actually don’t know if they are or not — I seriously doubt it — but I know they work for their money just like every other person in a workplace, and they pay taxes — whether they do that correctly is none of my business — as such, they should be entitled to the same minimum expectations of any other workplace: safety, for instance. Continue reading “Strippers Are Employees Too #diversity #talentmanagement #gender #discrimination”

Be The Change You Want To See #race #diversity #EricGarner

Eric Garner ProtestThose of you who follow my blog may have wondered at my rather conspicuous silence on the Mike Brown and Eric Garner verdicts. But in all honesty, I was struggling.

I felt quite hopeless, wondering what on earth it would take to stop the consistent, outright torture and killing of my black male brethren. What could I do to help, to make sustainable lasting change? I sat quietly at home for many hours wondering what contribution I might make, and I sank pretty low for a while.

But then, as the protests around the world grew in size and scope and creativity, I began to feel better. I realized I am doing something to help, whether it’s engaging you via this blog or simply living by example, being the change I want to see, as entrepreneur Kenny Burns said in a recent Instagram video. Continue reading “Be The Change You Want To See #race #diversity #EricGarner”

Mike Brown: Today’s Hiroshima #diversity #racism #power

I had no plans to blog about Mike Brown. I thought, this happens so often, as tragic and horrible as it is, what more can I say that I haven’t already? Two things changed my mind.

One, I saw an absolutely stunning photo of a silent protest at Howard University where hundreds of solemn black faces stood with their hands up. No words were needed. It was peaceful, it was powerful, and it was in direct opposition to the fear and violence that swept Ferguson, Missouri this week.Howard

Then I read a beautifully written piece in Salon by Brittney Cooper: “In defense of black rage: Michael Brown, police and the American dream,” discussing the mentality behind racism, and I had to chime in.

Cooper says: “We live in a country that is so deeply emotionally dishonest about both race and racism. When will we be honest enough to acknowledge that the police have more power than the ordinary citizen? They are supposed to. And with more power comes more responsibility.”

That’s the bottom line.

Continue reading “Mike Brown: Today’s Hiroshima #diversity #racism #power”

The Forum on Workplace #Inclusion: We Fuel Change #diversity

Check out this session I led at the annual Forum for Workplace Inclusion conference. My Q&A about 50 minutes in is funny. It was my first time on a teleprompter – I prefer live TV!  Fabulous experience working with these folks: Mary-Frances Winters, Theresa J. Rothausen-Vange, Sam Grant, Stephen Frost and Steve Humerickhouse at the Forum. Continue reading The Forum on Workplace #Inclusion: We Fuel Change #diversity

Santa Claus Doesn’t Have to Be White @craftingmystyle #diversity

Slate culture blogger Aisha Harris found herself in the middle of a little kerfuffle recently over Santa Claus, of all things. Harris wrote a piece suggesting the traditional white Santa might better serve the world today as a penguin. Before you go off the rails, she makes a valid argument – kids love cartoons, and penguins are popular and media friendly – having an animal as the symbol might in fact be more inclusive.

Black SantaOf course, when Fox News picked up the story, it became something decidedly less inclusive and more divisive, which completely misses the point. If ever there was a reason why diversity work must continue, Fox News is it. The station – specifically Megyn Kelly  – doesn’t seem to care in the least about accuracy.

For instance, Harris never said it was racist to have a white Santa. She simply pointed out that society’s longstanding default habit of stamping certain things white just because doesn’t make sense anymore. Continue reading “Santa Claus Doesn’t Have to Be White @craftingmystyle #diversity”