How to Check Out for Mental Health Issues If You’re a British MP in a Social Media/Sexual Harassment Scandal

Okay, so if one of your employees calls you out publicly – using your Twitter account no less – for being, what was it exactly? Ah: “the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person I have ever had the displeasure of working with”, there’s a few ways you can handle it. You can take the high road a la … Continue reading How to Check Out for Mental Health Issues If You’re a British MP in a Social Media/Sexual Harassment Scandal

Dude, Don’t Grab the Pussy – Especially Not at Work

So this week everyone’s talking about pussy grabbing. I’m not being vulgar, that literally is what everyone’s talking about thanks to Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. By now you’ve probably heard snippets from the recording released last Friday of Trump boasting to now suspended Today Show host Billy Bush how fame meant he could do anything … Continue reading Dude, Don’t Grab the Pussy – Especially Not at Work

Beware the Spillover

Sometimes it really feels like the world has gone crazy. Like people have no clue anymore how to be people. We’re just so mean spirited, you know? So selfish and just plain uncaring. I mean, we’re just starting to process what happened to Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, the Dallas police shootings, and then somebody blows … Continue reading Beware the Spillover

Women Need Men to #LeanInTogether #diversity #gender #bias #inclusion

Sheryl SandbergFor every horrible, aggravating, frustrating, ridiculous and unnecessary thing that happens to me just because I’m a woman, or just because I’m black, there are rays of hope.

Without these rays of hope, I can’t really contemplate my existence. It would be barren. Hopeless. I don’t know if I would exist in the shape and form that I currently do. I might be crazy, and justifiably so.

Last week I ran across an article filled with quotes from men who support women. It was just the ray of light I needed to shake off the latest evidence of sexism in the workplace that crossed my desk. The piece went directly to the source, men who recognize, acknowledge and have pledged their time to “lean in,” in a way Sheryl Sandberg may not have fully envisioned but I believe would whole heartedly approve of. Continue reading “Women Need Men to #LeanInTogether #diversity #gender #bias #inclusion”

Do What You Can #diversity #inclusion #opportunity

helping handsSo much of diversity seems to be attached to a problem. Someone did something wrong, someone mistreated someone else, this data on the state of whatever is gloom, doom and oh, my gosh, when will the pain end? But that’s only a small part of the real story. The underlying truth of diversity and inclusion is actually quite hopeful and positive.

I like to think of diversity as this vast and varied canvas of untapped possibilities, and less about taking every chance there is — and unfortunately there are many — to point out what people are doing that you don’t agree with. Pointing a rude, crooked finger at what’s wrong in a situation hasn’t worked that well to effect change thus far anyway.

Under a more positive and hopeful umbrella, strategic diversity management becomes a toolbox stuffed full of different ways to promote equality, build awareness, share the wealth — whether that be via knowledge or support — and find creative new ways to tackle existing problems. Continue reading “Do What You Can #diversity #inclusion #opportunity”