.@ElleMagazine Said It Best, It Is Important That Serena Williams Keep Winning

Serena Williams won – again. The world is full of her latest exploits as she moves toward another Grand Slam. I’ve seen some of the most fabulous memes and Instagram posts, from her doing the splits retrieving a ball to doing the chicken and just otherwise celebrating being a winner. I’m not afraid to admit, … Continue reading .@ElleMagazine Said It Best, It Is Important That Serena Williams Keep Winning

Looks Can Be Deceiving #Ilooklikeanengineer #gender #technology

What did we do before hashtags? I suppose we were forced to emphasize what’s important with plebian tools like exclamation points. But these days, those just seem so old fashioned. Kind of like assuming you know who someone is and what they should do based on their appearance. Honestly, what tactic could be more dated … Continue reading Looks Can Be Deceiving #Ilooklikeanengineer #gender #technology

I am seriously in love with @amandalastenberg… #race #blackculture

Words I never thought I’d utter, ever LOL. But Amandala Stenberg is kind of fabulous. I knew it when I saw her bad ass little self in the movie Columbiana, but now I see she’s just as impressive in real life. Amandla commented on Kylie Jenner’s recent photo of herself with cornrows, and my first … Continue reading I am seriously in love with @amandalastenberg… #race #blackculture

Punished For Being Pretty #diversity #beauty

One of the things I love most about Instagram is not the beautiful images you see of lives well lived, well traveled and well considered, it’s the motivational sayings that proliferate the platform. In fact, my own posts are comprised of more phrases than pictures.Sabina

Model Naomi Campbell posted one this week that I wish I could share. It’s too long to relay here in its entirety, but this bit struck a chord with me: “You can’t do anything without being labeled… We live in a society where people can’t survive if they’re not judging the next person.”

You may have read about 17-year-old Sabina Altynbekova, the Kazakhstan volleyball player who’s so pretty her position competing for her country in the Asian Under-19 Volleyball Championship is in jeopardy because of pervasive and insistent media attention about her looks. The girl is beautiful, no doubt about it. But it’s really sad that her desire to play volleyball has been threatened through no fault of her own. Continue reading “Punished For Being Pretty #diversity #beauty”

Your Beautiful Isn’t Mine #inclusion #beauty @estherhonig

HonigJournalist Esther Honig released the results of her experiment in Photoshop this week. She asked 25 people around the world to “make me beautiful,” and gave them license to do that with her photo any way they liked.

The results offer a very simple lesson: We all have different ideas about what is beautiful.

Ideal beauty standards have never appealed to me. Probably because I personally do not fit into most of the established ones being short, brown, round with kinky hair. But I’ve always been somewhat sympathetic to those compelled to pursue this rather nebulous idea of beauty. Continue reading “Your Beautiful Isn’t Mine #inclusion #beauty @estherhonig”

The High That Comes From Being Low…#Lupita #diversity #films #beauty

Congrats to Lupita Nyong’o for becoming Lancôme’s first Black spokesperson. The world should celebrate black beauty. It is as common as any other kind, after all. And congrats to Lupita for riding a very elegant magic carpet of success all the way to the top.

LupitaI’m not sure there was an award she qualified for that she didn’t win this past award season. And damn did she look good every single time anyone saw her! Lord have mercy she was fabulous! Not because she was runway ready but because she owned every scrap of fabric that graced her body. She was proud. She was different, and she quite obviously could care less. Every graceful line of her body seemed to wink and say, yeah, I know. She looked in the face of traditional definitions of beauty and had a big ole belly laughter, and seemingly everyone – certainly every big name in Hollywood who rushed to shake her hand and offer congratulations – laughed right along with her.

But did it occur to anyone else that she, and Halle Berry before her, were essentially rewarded for playing the lowest, most degraded and humiliated characters it’s possible for a Black woman to play? Continue reading “The High That Comes From Being Low…#Lupita #diversity #films #beauty”