Is Denise Young Smith Ready to Handle Diversity at Apple?

I walked past the new Apple store yesterday. It’s beautiful, a rather old-fashioned front but glass everywhere looking out over the Chicago River. It was a pleasure to see since for months all we saw was this clunky barricade. There was writing on the barricade, some long, inspiring quote that I can’t quite recall. Something … Continue reading Is Denise Young Smith Ready to Handle Diversity at Apple?

Chill, People — It’s an Emoji, Not a White Hood #racism #diversity @Clorox

CloroxBefore you write in blasting me and Diversity Executive for insensitivity, I want you to know I chose that title deliberately. The point? Don’t overreact. Some things deserve your time and angst — Clorox’s April 9th tweet is not one of them.

I saw the news when it came out, and I was planning to ignore it — but just today someone brought it to my attention, again. So I’m going on record saying, chill people. Not everything is race related.

When I first read the tweet: “New emojis are alright but where’s the bleach,” I didn’t even get the racially motivated furor. I thought, oh, they want a little bottle of bleach. And why not? They seem to have an emoji for everything else. Someone had to explain to me that the upset was related to Apple’s new emojis. Continue reading “Chill, People — It’s an Emoji, Not a White Hood #racism #diversity @Clorox”

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says: “I’m Proud to Be Gay” #diversity #LGBT

Apple CEO Tim Cook came out today.

Mum on his sexual orientation until he shared his truth in  Tim Cookan essay for Bloomberg Businessweek, Cook said he considered it a good trade, his privacy for the chance to bring comfort or to inspire someone “to insist upon their equality.”

Despite the prevailing non-diversity friendly sentiment that seems to hang over Silicon Valley — and the tech industry in general — like a bad smell, he said Appleloves creativity and innovation and knows it can only flourish when organizations embrace people’s differences. Continue reading “Apple CEO Tim Cook Says: “I’m Proud to Be Gay” #diversity #LGBT”

Hey Apple, Nice Gesture #diversity #inclusion #technology

Earlier this week Apple announced $10K in scholarships for minorities in the tech industry. Great! After that big reveal of diversity data from most of the tech big wigs in Silicon Valley a few weeks back, here’s a leader in the industry making a definitive move to put its money where its mouth is.Apple money

Well, maybe. When you read the headline, it’s like, cool beans. Apple has acknowledged there’s a lack of diversity in tech and has come up with a solution help feed the pipeline to change that. But when you think about it, meh. Continue reading “Hey Apple, Nice Gesture #diversity #inclusion #technology”