Beyonce: Queen of Positive, Subtle Campaigning

Bey sends a glowing recommendation to First Lady Michelle Obama. Lucky for Barack, that’s his wife, no? LOL

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The Unwritten Rules: Episode 4

This web series kills me. It’s sad that misunderstandings and disrespect this ridiculous are still common, but this truthful portrayal is frickin’ hilarious. Creator Kim Williams is seriously talented. Complicated and talented.

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Gaga, That Voice

This video is shaky, but just close your eyes and listen. Gaga’s voice is amazing. This songwriting reminds me of the FAME album. Sadly some silly young person will probably use this song’s subject matter as an excuse to do something unfortunate. But knowing Gaga she’s not the least interested in suicide, she’ll be making some commentary on fame, being a celebrity and the death of art in the 21st century. LOL

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Lord, the Vibrato!

I saw a WSJ interview where the interviewer commented that Usher’s voice seemed to have gotten bigger on his new album Looking for Myself. I finally listened to the whole thing, and I have to agree. E’rybody knows I love me some Usher. Not for the looks – though I admit it doesn’t hurt that my man … Continue reading Lord, the Vibrato!

The Big Tease

So, I have to view all things Usher, and I finally got around to Scream. Not my favorite on the radio. Too 80s international dance for my taste. And I can’t say the videos was much better. Like his last video, Lemme See, there was too much off camera work, not enough Usher. He’s trying something new – shibari anyone? – but I get the impression the technique has not been perfected. Not to say I didn’t watch. I did. Scream was like an ode to Michael Jackson, Billie Jean, Thriller, Leave Me Alone if I’m not mistaken. but not enough Ursh. One can take the mystery thing too far I think.

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