The Forum on Workplace #Inclusion: We Fuel Change #diversity

Check out this session I led at the annual Forum for Workplace Inclusion conference. My Q&A about 50 minutes in is funny. It was my first time on a teleprompter – I prefer live TV!  Fabulous experience working with these folks: Mary-Frances Winters, Theresa J. Rothausen-Vange, Sam Grant, Stephen Frost and Steve Humerickhouse at the Forum. Continue reading The Forum on Workplace #Inclusion: We Fuel Change #diversity

Ladies, Let’s Talk About Cash #payequity #diversity #money #gender #discrimination

I often wonder whether it was the rich or the poor who first gave money a bad name.

The rich would have reason to do so because, duh, they want to remain rich. Thus, poo pooing money would make it seem less enticing for those who might have the resources and/or the wherewithal to take it from them. The poor might deny money’s appeal because they don’t have it – a simple case of denying what you really want.need cash

Of course, it’s all BS.

There’s a line I’ll never forget from cult 90s film classic Reality Bites where Winona Ryder very snidely says to Ethan Hawke, “Oh, but what’s money to an artist? To a philosopher? It’s just green-colored paper that floats in and out of his life like snow!” She was basically calling him an immature idiot, and I agree. People need money. Period. What you do with it and how you live with it, is something else. Continue reading “Ladies, Let’s Talk About Cash #payequity #diversity #money #gender #discrimination”

The High That Comes From Being Low…#Lupita #diversity #films #beauty

Congrats to Lupita Nyong’o for becoming Lancôme’s first Black spokesperson. The world should celebrate black beauty. It is as common as any other kind, after all. And congrats to Lupita for riding a very elegant magic carpet of success all the way to the top.

LupitaI’m not sure there was an award she qualified for that she didn’t win this past award season. And damn did she look good every single time anyone saw her! Lord have mercy she was fabulous! Not because she was runway ready but because she owned every scrap of fabric that graced her body. She was proud. She was different, and she quite obviously could care less. Every graceful line of her body seemed to wink and say, yeah, I know. She looked in the face of traditional definitions of beauty and had a big ole belly laughter, and seemingly everyone – certainly every big name in Hollywood who rushed to shake her hand and offer congratulations – laughed right along with her.

But did it occur to anyone else that she, and Halle Berry before her, were essentially rewarded for playing the lowest, most degraded and humiliated characters it’s possible for a Black woman to play? Continue reading “The High That Comes From Being Low…#Lupita #diversity #films #beauty”

New Dad Wants Time Off? Sacrilege

Daniel MurphyOkay, I relish the opportunity to tackle this topic because it’s not terribly often the media even discusses paternity leave – maybe because dad’s don’t take it? – but it seems former NFL quarterback turned sport announcer Boomer Esiason thinks New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy was out of order for missing the first two games of the season to be with his wife, who had the temerity to go into labor on opening day. Continue reading “New Dad Wants Time Off? Sacrilege”

I Look So Official, Right? #CLOsym #learning #technology

Here I am yesterday, last day of the spring Chief Learning Officer Symposium. I’m moderating a panel titled “Hits and Misses: Ten Years of Learning and Technology.” Very lively discussion. Our panelists engaged in some good-natured disagreement that really resonated with the audience. I also had a coughing fit for no apparent reason. But hey! … Continue reading I Look So Official, Right? #CLOsym #learning #technology