R I P Helen Gurley Brown

Despite the fact that I’m a magazine editor and a long time fashion bible fan, it was my sister who turned me on to Helen Gurley Brown less than 10 years ago. I subsequently went out and found a perfectly preserved copy of her best seller Sex and the Single Girl, with get this, her autograph inside. I … Continue reading R I P Helen Gurley Brown

Gaga, That Voice


This video is shaky, but just close your eyes and listen. Gaga’s voice is amazing. This songwriting reminds me of the FAME album. Sadly some silly young person will probably use this song’s subject matter as an excuse to do something unfortunate. But knowing Gaga she’s not the least interested in suicide, she’ll be making some commentary on fame, being a celebrity and the death of art in the 21st century. LOL

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Lord, the Vibrato!

I saw a WSJ interview where the interviewer commented that Usher’s voice seemed to have gotten bigger on his new album Looking for Myself. I finally listened to the whole thing, and I have to agree. E’rybody knows I love me some Usher. Not for the looks – though I admit it doesn’t hurt that my man … Continue reading Lord, the Vibrato!