Female Stereotypes – Bah Humbug

So I watched “Scandal” this week — of course — and Mellie finally got a break. After so many episodes of getting short shrift, she took her place at the head of the line and got some respect — Quiet, the junior senator from Virginia has the floor! In this episode, Mellie – played by … Continue reading Female Stereotypes – Bah Humbug

A Safe Space

My alma matter, the University of Missouri, has been on fire this week. It began with graduate student Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike to protest increasingly tense race relations — and former President Tim Wolfe’s lack of response — which led to a show of solidarity from the Mizzou football team, which subsequently resulted in Wolfe’s … Continue reading A Safe Space

Are You Wasting Money Developing Leaders?

The most pressing issue at hand for human resources functions in most companies is leadership and talent development. Yet these same companies freely admit this is a keen area of weakness for them. These organizations waste millions of dollars each year developing workshops, coaching sessions and corporate universities that don’t provide the tools managers need … Continue reading Are You Wasting Money Developing Leaders?